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What is 
Hi Mamma?


A simple, compact, child friendly tracking & calling device where you can always be connected to your child, without the need of giving your child a Mobile Phone.

Connecting You to Yours

Keeping you connected to your little ones, while preserving your Peace of Mind!

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  • Imagine a safety device for children which lets Parents track their children in real time,

  • Allows NO screen time, 

  • Lets them call only the parents with a single press of a button

  • Is super small & has a battery that lasts four days 

Made by parents 
for parents


Parenthood is not designed to be helpless!

the safety of your child is literally in your hands

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Here's how Hi Mamma allows you

To take control & 

eliminate stress

Get your Hi Mamma app
in 4 easy steps

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